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    Next Meetings

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    14 March 2011

    Rudding Park Hotel, Follifoot, Harrogate

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    11 April 2011

    Cairn Hotel

    (Networking Safari)




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    Harrogate Chamber Officers with local MP
    and Harrogate Borough Council Officers
    at November 2010 Open Meeting
    on the impact of Government cuts

    l to r: Brian Dunsby, Andrew Jones MP,
    Wallace Sampson, Nigel Avison,
    Simon Cotton (President)

    Bank of England Agent for Y&H
    to speak at 14th March open meeting on the National and Regional Economic Situation. All local business managers invited to attend


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    Open to all Yorkshire businesses to exhibit and visit.
    Priority booking and discounts for Harrogate Chamber members.

    Visit www.yorkshirebusinessmarket.org for full details
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